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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 6, 2015 8:00pm-9:01pm PST

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addressing downpour after a mob of drought. kron 4 covers the storm from santa cruz mountains to the russian river. hi grant and falling branches. tonight personal stories of close escapes. getting ready for the worst and looking at the sunnyside. the worst is definitely not over. all you need to know about the wild weather throughout the weekend. and a full hour of your choice of prime time news. >> pam: is been going on all day and is not letting up. storm tracker for still showing a lot of action out there. it looking like that our bridges and highways the rolled our wet and the driving is difficult. the
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power is out and allow of households tonight because of high winds have knocked out everything from highway signs to build bridges to big trades. grant lotus is watching this roads and putting together the day's best form video and pictures. >> reporter: still a question to the north bay over night last night were currently tracking the second piece of energy that's coming is moving slowly toward the close line. it is a matter rain is pushing to the heart of this see. most of the bay area is experiencing like a moderate rains hours and this is gonna be continue to be the trend around midnight. the second went off to our west and that's where the winds are wrapping up in the
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downpours will be getting consistent and that coverage will be locally and tense. that cluster of energy will be pushing it to our area over night. the west will continue to be an ongoing concern. the when hens and the winds.... where the team that we have had into the east bay. as gonna be in below the upper field 50s and is filled cooler because of the wind driven rain. we had gusts of wind and 70 mi. an hour in said diablo. the wins are causing about three our delays at sfo airport as
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we speak. 3 hour delays... we could see an additional 2 in. of water through out the night. we finally get a break and the rain saturday afternoon and we expect the secondary storm this coming and sunday into monday >> pam: some of the heaviest rain falling right now is in the south bay >> reporter: definitely raining hot and the south bay started about 11 or so. as even have here is the upper 50s or 60 degrees right now we're along stevens creek boulevard. the
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rain was falling and some trouble spots in san jose and underpasses downtown the guadalupe river was not too bad earlier. they could become a problem later. crews in and try and keep them gutter's clearer they've also been picking up branches all around town that were not down by the law of strong winds. the winds were disgusting across to 80 billion the truck around my truck around. that measure over an inch of rain since midnight and i'm sure sure that all will go up. pg&e says about 490 customers lost power during the storm. and this will continue to be raining here in south bay until saturday
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morning. so we still have a few wet hours left to go. >> pam: there has been some wild weather along peninsula and pacific led to the particular pacific the in particular >> reporter: driving anywhere in the bay area was a challenge friday especially along interstate 28 very up to 80 on the peninsula. mel visibility heavy rain and massive potholes made for difficult and sometimes a dangerous ride. pg&e crows were busy throughout the day of restoring power. pedicel was hit hard with significant outages and daly city, south
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san francisco and as one in pacifica. strong winds not only turned down power lines of trees as well. this tree limb in palo alto is 40 ft. long and 14 in. in diameter and a leader not in this the park cars. and downtown psa people went about their business as that it was in the other day while most were prepared for the storm and others were not. >> reporter: and starting early this morning people have been sharing the video the pictures of the storm hundreds of pictures. at that time is clouds before the rain started falling sold roadways and damaged once the heart of the storm rolled into the bay area. the rain-soaked ground and high winds were a bad combination for trees. this
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one with its roots what got the ground fortunately it did not hit any homes in the area. large lamb's snapping. this bay bridge nearly messing the blue mini van. another lease the land on dropping to the street here as well trees also fell on fencing which in turn also fell victim to a fierce winds. and the wind blow the large stretch of fencing down banking for the pictures keep them coming off you consider your photos of facebook twitter or our kron-4-dot-com >> pam: new way the way and not a tree on to all home in concord this afternoon. area consider the tree that blow over and fell into laos. and out around 2:00 this afternoon. the way and even interrupted our interview with the homeowner. here you
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can see our umbrella getting blowed inside and out. in between and wet gauze the home owner told us about our experience >> pam: everybody inside the home is ok and end of the area had damaged fences because of the strong winds. >> pam: in the north bay concerned about the russian river in sonoma county. j.r. stark reports from guernville where people are hoping a rubber will not spill over its banks. >> reporter: it is business extremely wet the outside onto the russian river was all eyes on the russian river because right now we're approaching 7 ft. the river is on the rise but the flood level is at 32 ft. warning levels will be at 29
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ft.. at so that's a good amount time from now right now we're approaching just 7 ft. area area is this all front lighting on friday our very limited. at this in the vineyard that i drove by they're really hoping that this will have a major upset of them because of the rain fell in february. the the problem prop of the darker having an guernville you disinvest tree branch here this is one of dozens is been ripped out. fire crews had worked get them out of the roadway p g and e crew is also working to make sure that they're not on the pop power lines. it was the number of customers in the area lost power. the rate is continuing to fall here in guernville. they are stalled kron 4 news
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>> reporter: and that it weakens and the rains brought falling a lamppost >> reporter: yeses bill like this all day long at 5:00 it was coming down in buckets. good news is the 680 the traffic is moving good in both directions. the well and is buried windy and that's the problem right now is in the tree that fell on houses in concord so there have been problems with that the roads are clear as lots of rain and lots of wind. will continue to rob the night. >> reporter: on the ticket as the folk as things have been really dicey there more
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than a hundred and eight whites have been canceled because of the weather delays. there is also a minor odd delays in oakland and mineta of san jose's airport been nothing like sfo. >> pam: here are the latest power outage numbers it was about 3500 all the businesses without power in the north bay 2900 and east bay 950 in the south bay along the peninsula more than 1300 people did not have electricity and in san francisco currently 450 outages. pg&e says is about zero hundred and 75,000 power outages within storms so far. you could download our frame kron 4 mobile
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application or visit our 3 kron-4-dot-com where you can get less of locations where you can get free sandbags. at >> pam: a kid again at anasazi we talk with a few thousand of pg&e customers build without does that in the trees fell into power lowndes with them and at a the foul areas troubles talk call area troubles tahoe area troubles...
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>> reporter: since 1849 broke the record for
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drought. 44 days with no rain. will have locally a moderate rain showers. were continuing to notice the coverage in intensity of the showers increasing from now till about midnight. you can't rule out of a rumble of thunder or two. the first round has put some to the norris area our board tracking the second part of the storm system area as soon offshore right now but will continue tomorrow bay head. and speaking of water is of the rain fall the we've actually accumulated stew which is in santa rosa
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up. we haven't of reports of 8 in. up north. and from now about midnight we have the ability the could to take gonna two more inches of rain. when it a step outside field wall when you factor in the wan's how lange 21 mi. an hour when an is. those wan's will continue to increase winds... over night tonight the sours will diminish. the high wind advisory will continue to continue throughout the overnight hours. we're gonna continue to the notice some
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wrenching downpours locally. the wins will help to break out some of the clouds will have peaks of sunshine and the temperature wise will be running warmer. and another storm 7 system was bring it also swath of heavy rain and what did as as early as friday and sunday. 5:00 a.m. sunday is when the next round of rain will start >> pam: strong winds at the bay area routing this massive train and landed on the property of all homeowners >>: what we're looking at is the tree from across the street came over and and her the look rack and a one-out and this is how close it
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came to the house so we are truly blessed that it did not come any further and it was part of the tree. i just came out to look because it knocked down a live wire and i think p g and e told me about four under and 18 people or without service. it was 1015 this morning i heard a crack in then everything went off. the thought i thought the power was out of sodomite been a transformer. a transformer was the cost my husband is more dramatic than i am. i'm just blessed just look at how close this this and this is our bed ii the city does out clothes and came and
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train the blessed >> reporter: the storm rolled been into the top whole basin area tahoe basin.. bring the snow to the ski resorts like heavenly mountain resort. this is video from suave valley in alpine meadows. you can see much in need it blizzard light conditions. some ski resorts like lake tahoe close recently due to lack of snow. alpine medals of squaw valley have stayed open despite the lack of coverage. now as you can see they're getting a nice mid- season boast of storms. at lake tahoe soar the video
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goes of viral and this is the surfers picks you e- mail does and this picture was taken at incline beach. did the shot from the store you conceive as our friend there and join the waves. just past time call in reno just as lake tahoe in reno they were dealing with as a dust storm. strong winds whipped up the dust and nevada causing car crashes power outages and damage to homes. the dust or made visibility difficult some crashes occur. if that was not enough fallen power lines left thousands in the dark because of fires. >> gary: coming up a little bit later in this broadcast that means more air highlights. unleashes e-
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mail's and also the warriors and a few minutes
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>> grant: take a look this muslim storm damage to this giant highway sign being ripped apart by the high winds. on highway 1 in pacific up. the flapping piece of metal look like it could blow often heard someone on that heavily trafficked street or highway. and now the croats had to repair the street sign one of many in san bruno. this snake lane signed in and of dangling by one bracket on the other side snap in a when crew
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told us some corroded hard way gave way corroded are aware >> pam: university of california on wall start announced today that they will soon require all incoming students to be vaccinated for measles as well as mulch, rubella and chicken pox and other illnesses. this comes during our current nationwide outbreak of measles which has left more than 100 people ill including many here in california the requirement will be implemented over time it will take full effect in 2017 that francisco general hospital will slow to be renamed after facebook ceo mark zuckerberg and his wife. following a $75 million grant from the couple. the money will help fund hospitals in new acute-care and trauma center apps
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that's a open ended december. the hospital will be called the purcell and mark zuckerberg set francisco general hospital and trauma center. more on that close call plus the knot winds and intense downpour in the south bay.
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>> pam: pretty much all of the bay area's getting soaked right now it the wish of the worst along the coast line. that's where kron 4 is jeff bush is right now and pacifica. >> reporter: that's right cameras absolutely miserable out here and the wind is a very significant factor here in pacifica. you can say the camera is shaken just because of the wan's. is difficult to get around.
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we got one person does try to make it to the bus stop and high winds were blowing all rounder a was just the miserable expect experience. not winds are very strong the storm is very much alive and well here is pacifica. jet war's end-bush reporting life >> reporter: gray was mostly bought it from the north bay area the storms have the most energy on the eastern side. that's what-our coverage is increasing and the intensity as well because we have enough up
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left with is this storm clouds that have your downpours. from a delta stretching back in the oakland. you will continue to watch this wet weather from now until about midnight tonight. here's a get a look at are several of satellite greater wealth or no. we aren't attracting currently the next and what is gonna move over yet tonight and has were a lot of the precipitation will actually diminished. looking at the '60s and area. if you factor in the wind driven rain and officials about august 10th degrees cooler onionskin and. towards navarro were looking at the flow or 46 precipitation
8:33 pm
will wrap up over night. tomorrow morning will wake up to a gusty breeze out of the south temperatures of been the low 50s area because of the wan will see some breaks in the clouds. will be slightly warmer as we drive out around lunchtime. 66 in redwood city and livermore. a few isolated showers to route lunchtime with the gusty breeze. the temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. and our next system will bring on widespread heavy rain comes sunday morning and sunday afternoon. by monday
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afternoon all the moisture peeled off the most of the east and will dry things out tuesday and wednesday >> pam: of the wicket whether look also leaving its mark on the north bay. >> reporter: a powder cocaine crashing down here on wilson avenue about 2:00 in the afternoon or blocking the cards and evidence of the business as a very dangerous situation this is what looks like in the daytime because of the center was filled with kids >>: the power lines snapped and fell into some trains the use the was occupied about 30 kits >> reporter: thankfully none of the children and injured.
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in the meantime p g and eat all been to turn off the power reset the ball and some of the power lies the was sitting entrees. this man lives and more than one of more than a dozen homes in the area without power. he's talking about wilson's creek which in the past has flooded but today this no fears this been breached. witt was in the most glaring obstacle. and whipping all batterers high winds was the most glaring obstacle. some people were laid out sandbags to protect their homes. i'm >>: came out of my dog is been in the house almost all day and she had to go solo
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>> reporter: much like the drive up the 101 the roads the slack. so avoid hydroplaning lower the spate >> pam: heavy ray and i went down train is as small boy on the roads. >> reporter: it has been heavy at times during much of the day highway and is taking down a number of trees causing road closures and detours. residents are kent watching right now for the slow rise of the san lorenzo river. with water pounding in the roadway in very poor the the bill visibility.
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>> pam: still ed trains are not the only thing does not down by high winds today we've got around the post of the was blown away by a huge dust along the coast. >> reporter: were tracking the rank and this again tonight the rain and the high winds tonight were tracking them
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>> pam: 9 tonight a the radical islamic group isis claims that american aid worker died but they held hostage. 26 year-old taylor mueller all you see here was kidnapped by isis back in 200013 of august at the time kael was a family in
8:40 pm
arizona would not speak publicly to the safety concerns. eyes is demanded 5 million euros for her release. that today a posting on lines as they curtail the mueller was killed during a jordanian air strike. jordan denied the allegations. the u.s. state department confirms kael was being held hostage but they cannot confirm if she has been killed. >> reporter: the straw hat pizza sign he is the leading their and a 45 degree angle the sidewalk is blocked off because of the danger to pedestrians this is right off highway one. >> pam: and coming up when sports gary joined by his charming wife alecia coming up with their comments. gary has all the highlights
8:41 pm
and a sports coming up next >> pam: and clips like this one so you just how powerful these bay area storm scan bay and our crews have been not in the middle of it all day long we've got plenty to show you coming up next >> reporter: and we were checking storm winds were got more informational storm to coming up ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: and did gust of well as about 50 years 60 mi. an hour gusts of highway and said and as a high source of the advisory at. there's a stay away from beaches if you can. pacifica got nearly how hard it harder hot card yet earlier. the otters were waiting for help when i was there. branches from the street fell near the playground that we know the children were there the time. i've
8:44 pm
never seen anything like this part of this giant highway sign off highway one sidebar saw the ball was snapped off and fly and a when it could have heard someone. street signs were blown down like this the site and is bigger side like this highway exit sign. was destroyed. and his basketball look at talk toppled over this was picked up day for transgendered but this was really bad timing. a lot of logs were littered with trash as gonna be a lot of people here cleaning up tomorrow. the big waves brought up look the look taking pictures. normally this pair has the hundred fisher men on the but the waves were just too massive today. the rain is taken in
8:45 pm
sideways a hitch to face and felt like panzer sticking to it and hurts because of how when the it is. ellis were completely useless today. i umbrellas were completely useless. >> reporter: the storm comes into pieces and the second piece the were tracking right now is starting to light showers and cupboards and intensity and i cannot rule out an embedded thunderstorms. windsor got a high winds are on the increase. and will the lot faster than anticipated. and the flood watch was canceled for the north bay area
8:46 pm
because the heaviest rain is not over for you. here's comes the main bottega you see this circulation right off the coast line were on the eastern and southern flank of the system. and that's why the energy has the better left. and that means we gonna have heavier downpours. this system will continue to pull off to the north west. were talking about sustained when and in the upper 20s mid-40s in the half moon bay area it of a lack hall is looking at wan's and the fifth about 50 mi. an hour. it fills was robbed side speaking of what high rents high wan's high
8:47 pm
winds..... the wan's will take a little bit lumberton decrease. winds.... the rate will continue to diminish and the over night time-share bid by midnight and should diminish by midnight area >> gary: look everybody the two best teams in the nba steve kerr stamens rolling right along with everybody talking about the golden state warriors and leonard as the best record in the east curry is off to a bad start. nine assists the
8:48 pm
warriors led early clay thomas said. back-and-forth they go the third quarter bellhops with paul mills that it's one of those tapes >>:james 23 points and seven assists. , " our 17 points five three-pointers hawks now with the best record in the nba warriors the look back to second. >> gary: courtesy of a lexus would have been done for you mike scott don't throw in down. the so wingspan as our lexis ultimate highlight of the week. was a little bit later
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this month would want the arizona for the big crime for spring training special area was sure biggest moment as a giant. >>: was one of the biggest moments in my career as balochi >> gary: here comes alecia. ken norton is gonna be the offensive coordinator terry it is start with the forty- niners many moons ago. >>: alecia thought it would modify and of the above defined them >> gary: brady is the no. 1 attraction. we hear it when
8:50 pm
they're on trot out like they are i still think the del be some form of appeal penalty but i think it'll be pretty low. >> gary: is the all but supposing argument we talk about. when i see a guy who's nice to people and has a good family a mother and father i did look carried away with him. but art is but suppose the as 3 where it is i like but supposing monies and a spokesman for wary as the face mess got and disquieting. squatting. >> gary: is steve kerr the
8:51 pm
reason the golden gate is improve so much. they were good the defense that they've stepped up this year. curry and times's are the two main reasons that they are better this year. curr really has helped them >> gary: i never give up on talent and i don't think the tiger woods is through appellate if i'm running the pga tour i say a prayer that he comes back. without him this court sport decreases by about 50% area terret
8:52 pm
every day adventure really need them you better hope that he comes back >> gary: i have reviewed least three times on twitter area of hiding from you alecia use to get mad at me what you let these guys steve you wouldn't enjoy all the time. >> pam: the storm is the big story >> reporter: will talk about your extended forecast coming up
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>> reporter: or currently
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tracking storm number-one his a quick peek in this the most of the rain is moving in the southwest direction area in a continuous see these wet conditions from midnight. that's what i think this out was will start to diminish. by tomorrow will have some light showers here in there until about lunchtime and then i think that's where the breeze will help to break up the cloud cover it will finally get a break from the wet weather. lota mid-60's is where are most of the bay area our temperatures will bay breeze breezy conditions will last until the afternoon, sunday storm no. 2 comes jammed with heavy rain and you can't rule out a rumble of thunder and highway and will also be and play. >> pam: again a busy whether
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we can always keep posed with pictures and will be back tonight at 11:00 with the odd dates on the weather cnn 7
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